Are you one of the many haulers across Canada that relies on railroad transport to move your products across North America? From the lumber and crude oil industries to agriculture, mining and more, railcar hauling is a major asset to any fleet. Ensuring that you have accurate payloads that are compliant with legal standards, as well as carefully balanced for optimal performance is a key part of safety and efficiency, and helps to avoid costly mistakes and fines. As one of Western Canada’s most trusted sources for weighing solutions, include custom and standard Railroad Scales that are A.R.E.A. compliant and Cooper rated. Within our inventory, you’ll find scales that range from full-length “Legal for Trade” Railroad scales to axle weigh scales. Scales such as Railroad/Truck combinations that offer the ability to weigh both rail cars and trucks and more. Learn more about railcar weighing solutions at Accurate Scale below.

Rice Lake Rail Scales at Accurate Scales

At Accurate, we pride ourselves on giving our customers access to leading solutions made by the top manufacturers in the industry, including Rice Lake. As one of the most vetted and in-demand brand Rice Lake are well known for their quality, performance, and longevity. Two of their most in-demand rail scale models include the Railboss and Survivor Rail units, which are designed to be cost-competitive, ultra-durable and extremely accurate, even when dealing with heavy loads. Model-specific details are as follow:

RailBoss Rail Scales

Easy to install and ideal for weight verification that are non-NTEP, the RailBoss is powered by the simple-to-use RailBoss software. Standard features include:

  • 80,000 lb axle capacity
  • 320,000 lb full-scale capacity
  • 40,000 lb rail section capacity
  • 90RE, 115RE or 132RE rail sections
  • 5ft. 10in. Rail sections, pre-drilled for joint bars.

Full Draft Package Includes

  • (8) 5ft. 10in. rail sections
  • 60ft. of connecting cable
  • Pre-drilled joint bars with connection hardware
  • (2) Rice Lake junction boxes with transient protection
  • 60ft. of homerun cable

Double Draft Packages

  • (4) 5ft. 10 in. Rail sections
  • 60ft. Of connecting cable
  • Pre-drilled joint bars with connection hardware
  • (1) Rice Lake junction box with transient protection
  • 60 ft of homerun cables


Load cells: 40,000 lb

Accuracy: ≤ 0.25% error typical, interchangeable with other gaged rail products

Full-Scale Capacity: 320,000 lb

Axle Capacity: 80,000 lb

Survivor Rail Scales

Rugged and built for heavy-duty applications, the Survivor is crafted using Rice Lake’s best-in-class weighbridge design. The Survivor is high accuracy and LFT, offering a long life cycle you can depend on.

Weighing Solutions You Can Trust

For all your weigh-scale needs, including calibration and repair, Accurate Scale is here to help. With one of Canada’s most diverse inventories and leading expertise you can trust, Accurate Scale has you covered.

To request more information about Accurate Scale’s inventory of Rail Scales as well as other products, contact our team today.