There’s no denying the importance of the agriculture and livestock industries in Alberta, both of which play an integral role in our province’s economy. When it comes to being able to measure materials, resources and livestock, accuracy is paramount for optimizing operations, especially where live animals are concerned. Accurate Scale carries a wide range of Rice Lake portable livestock scales to make keeping track of your herds simple. Learn more about our Rice Lake solutions below!

Quality You Can Trust

Rice Lake has built a reputation on high quality weighing solutions across the world since 1946. As an industry leader, Accurate Scale is proud to be a distributor of Rice Lake products, including:

Rice Lake Farm Bars

Extremely durable and accurate, these load cells are crafted from heavier steel steel and are factory calibrated for dependable performance. Each unit is pre-wired and assembled for hassle free use. Numerous sizes and capacities are available for your convenience.

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Rice Lake Portable Group Animal Scale 8’x13’ and 8’x19’

Durable and animal friendly, the portable group animal scale is easy to use and ideal for weighing livestock. Great for use on any firm surface up and approved for legal trade throughout North America, these scales are built to last and withstand the unique needs of weighing animals.

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Rice Lake Mobile Group Animal Scale 8’x19’

This model is the higher capacity scale and includes multiple features that make it easy to weigh and load livestock. Approved in Canada and features adjustable air suspension and the OnBoard weighing system lets you create a suitable weighing structure in difficult conditions.

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Rice Lake Permanent Multi Animal Scale

This load cell style weigh scale is ideal for ranchers and processors who need a versatile, legal for trade system. The scale combines electronic weighing with steel I-beam for accuracy and durability, and is available in a range of sizes.

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