Do you know the value of portable truck scales? If your operations involve the hauling and transport of goods across Canada, you no doubt know the importance of having accurate weighing solutions that allow you to get from point A to B legally and safely. Portable truck scales make it easy to keep your fleet loaded efficently with your products or services being weighed “legal for trade” while on the go. Built for optimal convenience with easy installation and fast results. As a cost-effective, and highly in-demand solution, Accurate Scale is proud to manufacture some of the top models available on the market, made right here in Canada. Below, we’ll cover some of the benefits of portable truck scales. Read on to learn more.

How Do Portable Truck Scales Work?

Portable truck scales operate with a low profile design that allows trucks to drive up in order to precisely calculate the weight of your load. A load cell is fitted and encased in a heavy-duty casing to prevent damage from heavier loading. Trucks are able to drive up a short ramp for weighing, and within moments, your results are ready to go. The speed and accuracy of these units make them desirable for both haulers and roadside inspectors assessing trucks crossing the border etc.


The core benefits of portable scales is their flexibility and ease of transport and relocation , another key desirable aspect of portable scales is the variety of models available. Both portable axle and portable wheel weighers are among the most popular and offer unique abilities that make them highly desirable. Both these scales have similar features, but the low profile weather-resistant design of wheel weighers makes them ideal even in remote areas where access to external power sources is rare.

Additional Benefits of Portable Weighing Scales

Designed for accurate weighing of vehicles with a single axle as well as multiple axles, portable truck scales offer the following benefits for your operations:

  • Easy to assemble and operate.
  • Durability and simple to transport, even within remote environments.
  • Advanced portable scales are fitted with a reliable and efficient overload protection system.
  • Ideal for heavy-duty operations, and able to handle oversized loads.
  • Compact design takes up minimal space.

Are You Ready to Optimize Your Fleet for Transport?

Learn more about the benefits of portable truck scales as well as our available units and additional inventory by contacting Accurate Scale today!