Do you need dependable weighing solutions that make it easy to evaluate extremely heavy or oversized loads that normal scales just can’t handle? While floor scales can be used to tackle pallets, machinery, and more, crane scales offer exceptional versatility that can step in to assist with the most difficult of loads. From the added benefits of being able to perform pull and tension tests for safety and the ability to tackle awkward payloads, crane scales are one of the top solutions for those in the heavy industry, as well as those who need a weighing option that can go the extra mile.

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No More Headaches: Make Oversized Loads a Breeze

As we’ve indicated above, when you’re dealing with extremely heavy loads, there’s typically two options at your disposal: floor and crane scales. Floor scales do offer many benefits, but they are also quite limited in that they are only able to weigh in the designated areas where their weighing platforms are located. In contrast, crane scales are able to handle loads that most other equipment cannot due to awkward shapes or inconsistent sizing, and can very easily handle bulky or oversized loads. This versatility makes crane scales ideal for:

  • Identifying the manufactured weight of larger/awkwardly shaped objects.
  • Measuring the tension of cables and performing tests to ensure that they are safe.
  • Safely weighing extremely heavy loads that would shock load other scales, removing the risk to both crew members as well as your equipment.
  • No need to transport loads to and from your weighing site, eliminating additional risks and expediting the process.

Crane scales are capable of lifting loads between 500 to 125,000 kg, giving operators plenty of range to choose from when it comes to weighing your load. In addition their compact size and convenient storage ability makes managing floor space simple and relocating scales easy when required.

Built to Last

If you’re in need of new weighing solutions due to shock loading and accelerated wear and tear on existing units, you’ll be pleased to hear that crane scales are built to take a beating without caving under pressure. With the proper maintenance, you are far less likely to face continual replacement needs, and the time you’ll save on the need to constantly source new units as well as eliminating the need to transfer loads from site to site allows you to focus on what matters most.

Crane Scales At Accurate Scale

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