In need of portable truck scales that are made to stand up to the toughest of jobs and never quit? For over 40 years, Accurate Scale has built a reputation as one of Western Canada’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of superior weigh scale products and services for clients spanning multiple industries. Among our inventory, you’ll find top options such as portable truck and rock scales. Learn more about both models, as well as the benefits of partnering with Accurate Scale for all your weighing needs, below!

Portable Truck Scales At Accurate Scales

Portable truck scales play an important role in helping to regulate the safety of loads, ensuring that your fleet adheres to commercial and freight hauling industry standards. Overloaded vehicles not only pose a risk to drivers and fellow operators on the road, but can also subject trucks to accelerated wear and tear, as well as damage roadways and increase the chances of high-risk accidents when hauling across long distances. Portable truck scales can help mitigate such issues by offering a convenient method of weighing that ensure you are in compliance with all relevant stipulations. In addition to conducting accurate weight assessments of commercial vehicles, weigh stations are also used to verify paperwork and equipment inspections, ensuring everything is up to date and held to the highest standards.

Accurate Scale offers a wide variety of portable axle weighing, and wheel weigh pads for rent and purchase, each of which are self-contained, designed with a low profile and have no pit requirement, meaning they can be set up or moved to your site with ease.

Portable Rock Truck Scales

Our lineup of portable truck scales includes portable rock truck scales, which are built to withstand even the largest of loads with the highest demands. Engineered as self-contained units, our rock scales are available in a variety of configurations, and include the ability to customize to exact specifications as needed. Each of our sales are 100% legal for trade and offer unbeatable accuracy and strength even under the most challenging of conditions.

Learn more about our versatile portable truck scale solutions by contacting Accurate Scale today!