Crane scales are a unique weighing solution that perform two key functions:ensuring accurate weighing, while simultaneously offering a safe way to do so for heavy and/or over sized loads. Their ability to handle heavy duty demands without overloading make them a valuable addition for those in the industrial and construction sectors, with well-cared for models lasting for long periods of time. Suitable for applications where floor scales may be ill-equipped to handle the demands of your loads, crane scales are a wise investment for a wide variety of reasons. Learn more on the abilities of crane scales, as well as how to care for them, below.

The Abilities of Crane Scales

The distinctiveness of crane scales is not only their design. They measure over sized loads that are hard to weigh on platforms or portable scales. Crane scales weigh freight to transport on trains, ships, and planes and use digital readout to determine if the load is overweight. Over sized loads cause quick wear and tear to cranes and large equipment.

As a leading supplier throughout Western Canada, Accurate Scale supplies multiple models of crane scales, each suitable for a wide range of applications. Details include:

– The MSI Tension Dynamometer is one of the more advanced crane scales. The various models range in support from 1,000 lbs. to 100,000 lbs. The features include an LCD display.

  • Marine, petrochemical, energy, and construction industries utilize the MSI-8000 Indicator because of its accurate, remote displays. The model of crane scale offered by Accurate Scale is both versatile and robust. Features include the capability of connecting through Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or serial option card. The crane scale also allows for remote control functionality, custom function keys, and handheld display.
  • MSI-3460 Challenger 3 has the reputation of being safe and accurate. Accurate readings have a broad range from as little as 250 lbs. to a hefty 15,000 lbs. Features include an improved five-digit LED display, rechargeable battery, and an eye and swivel hook.
  • The OCS Scale, weighs loads from 2,000 lbs. to 20,000 lbs. This high-performing and heavy-duty offering by Accurate Scale give fast and large readings on an LED display. It also has the tare and hold functions.

Maintaining Crane Scales

A speedy and precise measurement is vital for safety and regulations. Maintaining crane scales ensures accuracy, but it also helps to avoid rust, wire deterioration, and weathering. Crane scales take a lot of abuse due to their typical application with over sized loads, but with proper care, can last for a significant period of time. Care and maintenance tips include:

  • Wires sometimes take on erosion and begin to fray. Replacing them as soon as the deteriorating is visible avoids short-circuiting and breaking the crane scale.
  • Always check that loads are secure. If they are not, it can cause damage to the load and the crane scale.
  • Moisture causes rust; rust causes permanent damage. Inspecting crane scales from the inside out regularly limits rust damage and the expense of replacing or repairing it.

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