Have you started to run into issues with one of your trusted scales giving you false readings or performing differently than usual? Over time, scales can begin to experience wear and tear that leads to inconsistent results, and in time breakdown if left unrepaired. Learn how to spot the early signs that your equipment needs to be recalibrated below.

What Causes Inaccurate Scales?

The truth is, there is no one issue that may lead to your scales providing inaccurate readings. Shock loading (introducing a load that’s too heavy for the device or dropping something on the scale), lack of proper maintenance, exposure to elements or caustic materials, and more can amount to undue stress being placed on your scale’s calibration capacity.

Having a regular maintenance plan and performing routine checkups will help you stay on top of damage and reduce your chance of unreliable results and/or device failure. Common signs to look for include:

Inconsistent Readings
If you find yourself getting repeatedly inconsistent readings from a specific device that is usually accurate, there’s a strong likelihood that the scale in question may need repair. While the odd missed reading can sometimes be contributed to outside factors (improper load placement, for example), if your numbers are coming up wrong, it’s time to get things evaluated as soon as possible.

Unstable Readings

Do you notice your load readings wavering between numbers before settling in on a result? If this occurs with loads with a set weight amount that rarely varies, it could be a sign that there is unseen damage hindering your results. This is particularly true of digital scales, which should always provide a quick, conclusive reading.

Visible Signs of Wear Or Damage

Even the toughest scales in an ideal environment will eventually begin to show signs of wear over long periods of use. Should you see rust, denting, warping, or any other sign of damage, however, it’s imperative that you removed the scale from use and have it evaluated immediately.

Shock Loading Has Occurred

Regardless of whether your job site uses heavy-duty industrial weighing units like crane scales or smaller models meant for inventory counts, shock loading can have a drastic effect on your operations. Even with re-zeroing or resetting the system, your scale may require professional evaluation and repair to return to its usual service. If you know of a recent incident and are suddenly encountering readings that don’t add up, it’s best to have things looked over.

About Accurate Scale

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