​With inventory season just around the corner, streamlining your company’s counting process is a top priority for many business owners. At Accurate Scale, we are proud to offer a selection of counting scales that make inventory counts efficient and accurate, saving you time while guaranteeing results you can depend on. Ultra-light and built for multiple applications, our counting scales are sure to make keeping track of your product easier than ever. Learn more about the benefits of counting scales, as well as Accurate Scale’s available models below.

Dependable Accuracy When It Matters Most

As any business owner will know, inventory season can be one of the most taxing and demanding times for your business. Whether you operate an industrial shop full of nuts and bolts, or a retail set up with multiple items to go through, finding the fastest way to obtain an accurate count is imperative. Hand counts are notoriously slow and run the risk of human error causing significant setbacks to the process. Having a counting scale on hand can eliminate the chance of costly errors, allowing you to cycle through your inventory quickly, and confidently.

Diverse Applications

One of the most advantageous benefits to counting scales is their ability to be used for a wide range of applications. From weighing items like currency, small objects, to heavier parts and more, the right kind of scale will be able to provide precise measurements you can depend on.

Simplified Data Management

Many counting scales feature data management with a multiple export method for your records. This allows for a simple and efficient analysis of historical data, meaning you never have to worry about keeping accurate records.

Cost Effective

Finally, having a reliable method of counting can help expedite your operations and save money by reducing the chance for inaccuracy and/or multiple recounts. A custom, calibrated scale can be set to your exact specifications, making it easy to conduct inventory counts with minimal issues.

Available Models

Accurate Scale is a proud distributor of Western Scale products. With a reputation for accuracy and longevity, Western Scale is turned to by businesses all over North America for their counting needs. Among our available models are the EHC Counting Scale and the FD121 Counting scale. Details for both models are as follows:


Simple and cost effective, the EHC serves as an ideal introductory model for businesses looking to incorporate scales into their parts and inventory management. Suitable for a wide range of applications, this model is your versatile step to automated weighing.


As a step up from EHC models, The FD-121 features 3 LCD displays, spill channel, auto-calibration, data accumulation, and several other convenient features. Fast and reliable, the FD-121 is the perfect fit for packaging counts or inventory applications. Standard features include:

  • kg/lb options
  • AC adapter & built-in rechargeable battery
  • 3 LCD screens

Learn more about our available counting scales and service options by contacting Accurate Scale today.