Need a reliable solution that can weigh your inventory for shipments coming in and shipping out efficiently? Floor Scales maybe your answer and can tackle the toughest weighing jobs with ease, making it simple to get the accuracy of your inventory your organization needs. Learn more about floor scales, as well as Accurate Scale’s current inventory below!

Perfect for difficult loads

Built to last, floor scales are designed to provide accurate readings of materials, inventory and other items that are bulky or heavy to transport. We have a wide variety sizes and weight capacities to choose from capable of weighing very heavy loads to small items that can be placed on a platform to fit into the smallest in spaces. Easy to install and convenient to maintain.

Safety First

Handling and weighing heavy objects doesn’t need to be a hazard. Floor scales make it easy to get accurate readings without the risk associated with damaging your equipment or needing additional transportation trucks or lifting equipment.


Similar to the safety and convenience highlighted above, the nature of how floor scales work makes weighing multiple loads quick and efficient, saving valuable time and money in the process.

Long Term Reliability

All floor scales Accurate Scale manufactures or sells are designed to stand the test of of time and provide consistent accuracy over a long period of time. Having strict quality controls and processes in place ensures you are getting high quality instrumentation and components at a fair price.

Current Inventory

Accurate Scale currently offers custom floor scale manufacturing as well as industry leading floor scale solutions:

Western Scale ‘WPW’ Floor Scale

Suitable for pallet weighing and warehouse application, as well as approved for legal trade, this scale can also easily be fitted with optional items like ramps, guards, and other features.

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Accurate Scale Extreme Duty Platform Scale

The toughest in the industry! This extreme duty platform scale is designed for heavy concentrated loads, weighing coils, and more.

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