For businesses that depend on scales and weighing systems for accuracy, regular maintenance and calibration are crucial part of keeping your equipment in working condition. Even with a meticulous plan in place, equipment that is subject to heavy use may need additional inspection and maintenance to ensure accuracy. If you’re between checkups or calibration periods and notice any of the following 4 signs below, it might be time to have a professional take a closer look. Read on to learn tell-tale signs that you need an inspection below.

1. Inconsistent Readings

Inconsistent readings are probably one of the easiest ways to tell that your equipment may be experiencing errors or lacking accuracy. If a device you use regularly is suddenly giving slightly different numbers to standard inventory, you may want to take caution. Test your items on another scale that is giving consistent readings; if the result lines up with what you should be getting, this is usually a giveaway that the scale in question needs service.

2. Unstable Readings

Similar to inconsistent readings, if your scale wavers on numbers when weighing certain items, or with every load, there may be some unseen damage affecting your results. For devices with a digital display, unclear measurements (broken numbers etc) are a sure sign maintenance is needed

3. Visible Signs of Rust/Corrosion

Even the highest quality scales will eventually begin to show signs of wear, if your environment and inventory are particularly demanding (cold weather, corrosive materials being weighed, etc.), it’s important to keep an eye for any indication of rust and corrosion. If you notice any spots beginning to form, it’s best to have your equipment looked at sooner than later.

4. You Suspect Your Scale May Have Experienced “Shock Loading”

Industrial scales can take a fair amount of abuse, but any sudden overload of heavy materials or an object that was dropped onto the scale can put your device at risk for being shock loaded. Even if you re zero the scale or re power the system, there’s a chance that your results may be affected by the stress placed on your device. If you know an incident has occurred and your weigh cycles seem a little off..save yourself a future headache and have an expert take a look.

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