Are you one of the countless Albertans that contribute to our thriving agricultural sector? Life on the farm is busy enough without having to worry about dependable weighing solutions. At Accurate Scale, we know just how important it is to have access to equipment that works flawlessly and gives you the results you need. Whether you need to weigh feed, keep track of your herd’s progress, or stay on top of any of the other activities that keep your farm running, our team is here to help.

Accurate Scale is proud to be one of Western Canada’s leading suppliers of weigh scale solutions, including a wide variety of farm scales. Below, we’ll highlight some of the main things you’ll want to keep in mind when selecting an agricultural scale. Read on to learn more.

Initial Considerations

Scales are an important investment for your operations, so you’ll want to spend some time researching before diving in. Narrow down exactly what you need, as well as your intended primary use for the scale(s), and from there you’ll be able to make a more informed decision. Considerations to keep in mind while researching include:

What Are You Weighing?

Livestock, feed, and equipment will all have different requirements in order to be safely weighed. For example, animals are much more prone to moving and may require an enclosed unit whereas heavy-duty equipment may benefit from a floor scale, and fee, from a hopper scale. Bear in mind that certain scales are better suited to accommodate multiple needs, where others are designed to serve a more singular purpose, and you’ll need to be aware of what suits you best. You’ll also want to select a model that is specifically suited for your main objective, rather than trying to get a “catch-all” device.

Where Are You Placing Your Scales?

Scale placement is integral to successful operation and should always be front of mind when selecting your new model. Consider whether you want a permanent or temporary solution if you plan on using anything in tandem with your scale (ie squeeze chutes), as well as any foundational challenges (ie levelness) that you may face.

Legal For Trade

If you’re selling products or animals that need to be legal for trade, your scale will need to reflect as such. Accurate Scale has both Legal for Trade and Non-Legal for Trade weighing solutions for single and multi-animal. Portable and permanent.

General Scale Information

Below, we’ve laid out a general list of livestock scales for your consideration.

Single animal scales are ideal for getting a precise reading for an animal being put up for auction or being medically evaluated.

Portable Scales are well suited for ranchers and those who sell cattle or sheep in lots, as they allow you to weigh many animals simultaneously. For those who sell cattle in lots, this kind of scale is preferable since multiple animals can be weighed at the same time.

Permanent / Stationary Scales are heavy-duty and extremely accurate, making them ideal for tough environments and extreme working conditions weighing a large number of animals frequently.

Cattle / Truck Scales serve multiple purposes and act as a low maintenance option for farmers ta want multiple scales in one product.

For more information about livestock scales, including repair, regular maintenance and service, Accurate Scale is happy to help! We proudly supply Albertans with the industry’s top solutions, including many built in-house. Contact us today to learn more.