Do your deal with heavy loads, oversized cargo, and other difficult weighing situations on a daily basis as part of your operations? If you’re facing challenges with staying on top of inventory and need an easy, dependable solution, floor scales have you covered. Designed to tackle the trickiest weighing jobs without ever buckling under pressure. Whether you’re weighing pallets of product, vehicles for sale, or even animals for veterinary purposes, floor scales are one of the most versatile products on today’s market. Learn more about floor scales, as well as Accurate Scale’s current inventory below!

No More Hassles

We all know the common headaches and risks associated with heavy loads. From accidental shock loading to accelerated wear and tear on lesser weigh scales and the resulting inaccurate data from both, heavy, oversized, and non-traditional loads can pose significant hazards and difficulty to your operations without the proper solutions in place.

Floor scales were created to resolve such issues by providing a solid, consistent method of weighing materials and inventory that are simply too hazardous to evaluate otherwise. Capable of weighing up to 2500 KG while taking up as little as 1.5 M2, floor scales make it easy to get the job done without ever having to worry about putting your equipment, or your crew at risk.

The Safer Way Forward

As we mentioned above, weighing heavy materials is no walk in the park without the right tools. While crane scales can step in to assist with some loads, sometimes lifting just isn’t the best option. When safety hinges on the ability to weigh items on a level platform, floor scales are the perfect solution, giving you accurate information while removing many of the risks present with other methods of weighing.

Boost Your Efficiency

Want to weigh multiple loads fast? No problem! The easy load/unload nature of floor scales makes going through your inventory much quicker than other methods, without ever compromising on results. Whether you need to conduct a year-end count for a warehouse or are constantly loading items for transport, floor scales will keep you moving smoothly ahead!


Finally, the right solution not only needs to perform under pressure but needs to stand up to the test of time. Floor scales give you the best of both worlds, offering superior performance for even the heaviest loads, as well as a long lifecycle that gives you superior ROI.

Available Now at Accurate Scale

Accurate Scale currently offers custom floor scale manufacturing as well as industry-leading floor scale solutions such as:

Western Scale ‘WPW’ Floor Scale

Suitable for pallet weighing and warehouse application, as well as approved for legal trade, this scale can also easily be fitted with optional items like ramps, guards, and other features.

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Accurate Scale Extreme Duty Platform Scale

The toughest in the industry! This extreme-duty platform scale is designed for heavy concentrated loads, weighing coils, and more.

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