Are you on the hunt for new weigh scales to help optimize crops and livestock around your farm ? Scales are essential to maintaining and improving your operations and have numerous benefits to offer those in the agricultural industry. From standardizing feed amounts with hopper scales to keeping track of the growth of your livestock and more, there are endless ways to utilize scale around the farm. Below, we’ll discuss some of the key benefits of using weigh scales in the agricultural sector. Read on to learn more!

Regulation Compliant

There’s no shortage of legal regulations and standards you need to be aware and both weigh scales and hopper scales make it easy to ensure you are in compliance. Whether you need to weigh agricultural vehicles, products, livestock or anything else that you use on the farm, there’s a scale that’s right from you.

Accurate Scale is pleased to offer industry-leading solutions from top manufacturers like Rice Lake, or we also manufcature and design products to meet your exact needs and provide superior performance.

Track Yields

Every farmer knows that staying on top of your crop yield without the proper tools can be a hassle. Weigh scales simplify keeping track of inventory and new yields, allowing you to focus on growing and spend less time crunching numbers. If you’re looking to spend less time in the accounting office and more time doing what you love, this is the perfect solution.

Monitor Wastage

Waste is an unfortunate inevitability, but having a dedicated system in place that allows you to track and refine things is a smart way to reduce your loss and increase your ROI. Hopper scales are great for carefully measuring feed, and livestock scales can help you determine exactly how much you need to feed your animals to keep them happy and healthy.

Ensure Accurate Sales and Distribution

If part of your business involves selling and exporting your products, weigh scales are a necessity. Scales ensure that you can accurately measure out your shipments as well as update your records accordingly to keep track of stock and demand.

Agricultural Scales and More at Accurate Scale

Accurate Scale is proud to be your leading choice for livestock scales, hopper scales, and all other weighing solutions. Based in Alberta, Canada, we are pleased to serve customers all throughout the country both as a manufacturer and distributor, as well as by offering repair, calibration, and certification services. Learn more about our products and services by contacting our team today!