Hopper scales/weigh module load cell kits are a versatile tool that have a wide range of applications in the industrial, agricultural, and food services sectors. They are particularly useful when it comes to measuring the net weight or content of products, and can serve to improve the efficiency of your inventory supply. Hopper scales offer a straight forward solution such as weighing and batching grain, and serve as a vital investment for customers all throughout Western Canada.

Dependable When It Counts

Due to their wide range of uses, hopper scales/weigh module kits are an invaluable asset. Selecting the right model makes it easy to standardize and regular the transfer of product like feed, and greatly expedite your daily operations. Designed to withstand the demands of both indoor and outdoor applications, hopper scales are dependable even in harsh conditions, including land and sea usage. This versatility and dependability helps streamline processes, saving you time and money with each load.

Accurate Scale Deliver Accuracy with Hopper Weighing Modules

Accurate Scale is Western Canada’s leading supplier of reliable weighing solutions. We proudly carry a wide selection of hopper scales such as Rice Lake. With over 65 years of experience in the weighing and measurement industry, Rice Lake produces quality equipment that has become heavily rely upon by multiple sectors. The RL1800 Series Mounting Assembly Kit uses multiple components to provide priceless hopper weighing applications. Suited for indoor and outdoor process control, it operates with medium-range capacity (250-10,000 lbs).

The RL1800 Series combines self-checking and multi-directional movement. It suspends loads using high strength bolt rather than wire rope. The EZ Mount 1 Series is another option for hopper scales. The applications provided by the EZ Mount 1 Series include blending, batching, and bulk inventory management. These hopper scales have the capacity per assembly of 5,000 lbs to 250,000 lbs in addition to easy load cell removal results in lower maintenance costs.

At Accurate Scale we strive to meet our customer’s needs but providing superior products, access to highly skilled technicians, calibration experts, and more. Contact us today to learn more about finding the best hopper scales for your needs.