When it comes to choosing your weighing systems, accuracy and strength are integral requirements to meet the highest standards. Accurate Scale combines expertise and experience in the weigh scale industry to produce a variety of well-built and reliable products to service the truck and motor-vehicle scale sector. With a diverse range of superior products, we are proud to be one of Western Canada’s leading manufacture and suppliers for truck scales and more.

Portable Truck Scales

Portable scales should perform at the highest level to ensure safe and accurate results. At Accurate Scale, our portable scales have minimal foundation requirements, feature a low-profile design, and are entirely self-contained for added convenience. Accurate Scale uses high quality steel to manufacture portable truck scales that are easy to use and place, as well as extremely durable, even where difficult loads are concerned.

The Raised Deck Eliminator

Accurate Scale’s popular Eliminator model is a highly reliable, cost-affection solution for the efficient weighing of vehicles and more. With an easy to install, above ground design, the built-in side rails eliminate the need for a pit. The Raised Deck Eliminator comes with either concrete or steel decks and is available in a variety of sizes for your convenience.

Portable Rock Truck Scales

Rock trucks haul and transport heavy loads of rocks, dirt, and coal across harsh terrains. These demands make reliability a necessity. Accurate Scale offers a rock truck scale built and designed to serve the largest rock trucks. Qualified technicians are available to answer questions and re-calibrate or repair any brand or model of scale.

The Flush Deck Eliminator

The Flush Deck Eliminator is a popular choice for vehicle scales because of its easy to service design and cost-effectiveness. It is approximately 1-1/2 feet (0.61 m) wider than the Raised Deck Eliminator. Customization is available to tailor a scale to specific needs.

Accurate Scale proudly sources its manufacturing materials from Canadian suppliers, producing superior, sustainable models. In addition to a diverse inventory of solutions we offer calibration, customization, repair, and maintenance services to customers in a wide variety of industries. Contact us today to learn more.