Floor scales are a practical and affordable weighing device that can be utilized for heavy, over sized, and heavy loads or objects. Being floor level means it is ideal to weigh pallets and any object that needs to be check weighed ,shipped or received. Floor scales are part of warehouses, factories, and dockyards. The industrial-sized scales work well with others, such as a bench or counting scales. The benefits of using floor scales over other types of weighing scales include: They have larger weighing pans and work with far higher capacity loads than other scales. Floor scales lie flat and easily stacked and tucked under pallets. If space is limited, they can be put away in storage containers. The weighing option is versatile. They can weigh anything from cars to animals when combined with cages, supports, and cattle crushes. Floor scales can take abuse. Reliability and robust, they are not easily damaged. At Accurate Scale, we our skilled staff are always here to assist when it comes to choosing the best weighing solutions for your operations.

The Array of Applications

Floor scales are useful in a wide range of industries. They are ideal for use in factories, warehouses, shipping yards and plants due to their high capacity for weighing loads with ease. The ability to weigh large loads efficiently also makes them ideal for retail, as it makes loading and weighing stock simple. One of the most popular applications for floor scales is in the commercial and industrial field; veterinarians also us them and zoos use them to weigh large animals while those with agriculture utilize them for weighing feed and totes. Further uses for floor scales include measuring pallets, weighing ingredients, and work as quality control checks for large batches.

Floor Scale Options by Accurate Scale

Floor scales need to stand up to the even most robust of applications. Units face extreme duties such as concreted loads, pallets, and weighing coils. The Accurate Scale Extreme-Duty Platform Scale uses heavy, structural steel and a channel design to weigh up to 20,000kg/40,000 pounds (ca. 18 ton). Our Western Scale WPW Floor Scale withstands heavy-duty loads and works well for warehouse applications because of the fully electric system.

Protecting Your Investment

Purchasing a floor scale is an important investment in the future of company, as well as your daily operations. When selecting a model, you’ll want to consider factors like:

  • What is the overall capacity of the scale
  • What kind of items you need to weigh, and how frequently
  • Where will you be installing the scale?
  • Do you need supplementary weighing solutions to best evaluate your products?

As a leader in Western Canada, Accurate Scale is proud to offer a comprehensive inventory of equipment to meet our customer’s needs. We will not only help with decision-making, but we also service our models as well as others. Contact us today to learn more.