As any professional in the agricultural and livestock industry will know, having the right weighing equipment to assess animal performance and growth on hand is imperative. From weighing feed to your animals themselves, scales help to determine how you run your daily operations, as well as any issues your livestock may be experiencing.

Whether you need to replace outdated scales or are simply looking to enhance your operations with newer equipment, finding weighing materials that best meet your need are vital. Below are a few areas to keep in mind before purchasing livestock scales.

Portable Vs. Stationary

While both portable and stationary livestock scales have a wide range of benefits, you’ll want to consider what the exact purpose you’re looking to fulfill is when deciding between the two.

Stationary scales are useful for capturing the group weight of your herd, and often feature a customized platform with gates to help contain animals and allow you to record an average daily weight plan.

Portable scales grant greater flexibility in, allowing you to quickly set up a weight station around the needs of your livestock operation. These units are ideal for travel and can give you an accurate idea of your livestock’s weight when you are away from your farm.

Data Storage Capacity

Recording data is vital when it comes to keeping an eye on the health of your animals as well as the overall progression of your operation. Choosing a scale with data storage capabilities that match your needs will make it easier to stay on top of things when it comes to keeping track of weight, body condition, pregnancy, and the overall health of your livestock.

Weight Gain Evaluation

One of the most important features of livestock scales is the ability to weigh feed quickly before feeding your herd. This helps determine a standardized distribution and makes it easier to track long term weight development amongst the animals. Opting for a scale with farm management software will make it easier to monitor feed levels over time, saving you time in the process.


As with any assets used to manage livestock, durability and longevity are key factors when considering a purchase. Any scales you invest in should be made to withstand harsh conditions and the unique demands of weighing animals, as well as any other factors that come with the livestock trade. You’ll also want to consider whether the unit needs to remain stationary, or can be moved as needed, and whether this influences the longevity of the product as well.

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