When it comes to measuring loaded pallets, weighing ingredients for large scale manufacturing plants, shipping plants, and more, floor scales can often serve as a valuable asset for any company. From quality control checks for large batches of product to weighing pallets for shipping and more, floor scales offer plenty of versatile benefits for business owners. Learn more about the benefits of floor scales, as well as Accurate Scale’s available models, below.

What Is A Floor Scale?

Floor scales are a type of industrial weighing units that are best suited to evaluate heavy-duty loads, over sized objects, and other items that may be cumbersome to load onto a regular scale. Floor scales operate in a similar manner to small bench scales, making them simple and convenient to operate.


Among the many benefits to be found when using floor scales are:

– Capacity to handle much heavier loads in comparison to smaller scales

  • Easy to stack and store between uses
  • High versatility and suitable to be used in a number of ways, from weighing chemical totes to pallets, and many more
  • Designed to last, even under heavy-duty usage over long periods of time.


Due to their versatility, floor scales are used in a wide range of industries and applications. Popular uses include:


Ideal for industrial use, several models are able to assist with the weighing needs of shipyards, factories, and other warehouse environments.


Floor scales are perfect for use in the retail world. Loading and weighing stock pallets is easy, allowing for fast results with minimal hassle or disruption to your operations.

Agriculture /Farming

One of the most popular uses for floor scales, particularly in Alberta, is within the agricultural industry is weighing totes, and weighing for seed treating applications.

Available Models

Accurate Scale is proud to offer our very own extreme duty platform scale, as well as Western Scale’s WPW Floor Scale model. Details for each unit are as follows:


Designed for the toughest applications, the extreme duty is the perfect fit for heavy concentrated loads, weighing coils, and other cumbersome loads. Features include:

  • Measurement Canada Approved Design.
  • Heavy structural steel HSS and channel design.
  • Four NTEP Certified alloy steel, shear beam load-cells.
  • Checker plate weighing platform.
  • Available in 5’ x 5’, 6’ x 6’, 8’ x 8’, or any custom size you need.
  • Capacity up to 20,000 kg / 40,000 lb.


Built to withstand heavy duty loads, the WPW model is fully electronic and suited for pallet weight among other warehouse applications. Approved legal for trade by measurement Canada, the WPW can be fitted with ramps, guards, and other features easily. Features include:

  • Available in 4′ x 4′ and 5′ x 5′
  • 5000 lb/2500 kg or 10,000 lb/5000 kg capacity

Learn more about the uses of floor scales by contacting our team today.