For business owners and tradespeople looking to use scales for commercial purposes, calibrating your scale is not only essential for effectiveness, but also a legal requirement under Measurement Canada. Holding weighing and measurement tools to the high standard of the Weights and Measures Act, helps ensure accurate results across the board, especially in industries where deviations may pose a risk to the public health or safety; those found in violations of these standards can be heavily fined and face severe disciplinary action, making it crucial to ensure your scales are adequately certified at all times. To ensure you are in compliance with the Act, below are a few key practices you should adopt.

Have Your Devices Approved, Inspected, and Certified Before Use

All devices for use in a commercial environment or application should be inspected prior to being used for “live” data. Upon passing inspection, your equipment should display the proper sticker, as well as have any certification readily available for future assessment or verification.

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Use The Right Equipment For The Right Job

It may seem like an oversimplification, but all too often, owners and staff can make the mistake of shock loading scales with loads that are far too heavy for the equipment’s design. Not only can this lead to inaccurate results, it can also permanently damage your equipment. To ensure consistency, accuracy, and longevity of your scales they should only be used to weigh the appropriate items as per their design.

Make Sure Your Weigh Scales are Properly Installed

Proper installation of your equipment guarantees the safety and accuracy of the unit in the long term, and can help minimize premature wear and tear on the device as well. Before installing, you’ll want to take into account daily use, environmental hazards, and other factors that may eventually pose a risk for damage.

Repair Any Damaged Devices Immediately

Should you notice that one of your scales is consistently off, performing differently than usual, or displaying any signs of damage (warping, cracks, faint display, etc), the recommended course of action is to remove it from use immediately and contact a certified technician as soon as possible. If the device is able to be repaired sufficiently, you’ll need to display the reissued government sticker to certify that your unit is once again performing at the acceptable standard.

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