As those in the commercial transportation and freight hauling industry will know, legal inspection and weigh stations play an important role in maintaining the safety of trucks, trailers, and non commercial drivers on the road. Overloaded vehicles are susceptible to accelerated wear and tear, can damage roadways, and even lead to costly or deadly accidents due to the increased manoeuvring difficulty, as well as delayed stop times. In addition to conducting accurate weight assessments of commercial vehicles, weigh stations are also used to verify paperwork and equipment inspections, ensuring everything is up to date and held to the highest standards.

Axle Scales, portable axle weighing, and wheel weigh pads help ensure you do not get fines and also optimizes the loading of your truck.  Accurate Scale manufactures a variety of different types so of axle scales.

Available for rent or for purchase, scales are self-contained, are designed with a low profile and have no pit requirement, meaning they can be set up or moved to your site with ease. Load cells are easily accessible and units are simple to clean and maintain.

Crafted with high quality steel that is designed and engineered for durability and superior performance. Easy cleaning and come in custom lengths and widths. We also stock additional accessories like  programmable weigh indicators, traffic light control systems, and software. Below is a quick overview of some of our models:


Commonly used to maximize legal payloads with concern for violations and reduction of maintenance resulting from an overload of stress on equipment, these all aluminum, fully electronic scales are able to weigh up to 40,000 lbs (18,000 kg) with an accuracy of ± 1%. PT300™ scales are built with fully integrated RFX™ Wireless Weighing Technology that allow for scale data to be received, recorded, and observed on a variety of indicators as well as control scale functions remotely.


The AX-3040 axle scale is easily portable and available in multiple lengths. Made with either aluminum or steel, the AX-3040 axle scale is completely customizable. The indicator connects to the weigh pad up to fifty feet away for position flexibility and convenience.


The GEC MD400/500 is a heavy-duty truck axle scale suited for a multitude of portable vehicle weighing applications. Despite it’s heavy duty capabilities, the unit is surprisingly easy to pick-up and move relocate as needed.

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