Explore the Benefits Of Hopper Scales

On many industrial sites, hopper scales are used to help weigh inventory of product/s that are stored in bins, hoppers or silos prior to transfer to a mixing container or transport vessel. Installing a new weigh hopper or loading cells under an existing hopper helps to standardize and regulate the transfer of product, either by using a simple weigh indicator with batching functionality, or by using dedicated batching software.

Hopper scales are a versatile product suitable use in the agricultural industry, as well as process control, batch weighing, use with hazardous materials, wash down scale, and more.

As Western Canada’s leading supplier of weighing solutions, Accurate Scale proudly carries a wide selection of high end hopper scales from well known manufacturers like Rice Lake. Learn more about our line  of Rice Lake Weighing products , as well as other manufactures.

Rice Lake Weighing Solutions

Since 1946, Rice Lake has become one of the most trusted and sought out names in the weighing and measurement industry. With over 40,000 products, Rice Lake produces quality solutions that are depended on all over the world.

Rice Lake Hopper Scales

Accurate Scale is proud to carry a wide selection of Rice Lake products, including several of their hopper scale solutions. Two popular types of weigh modules are:

RL1800 Series

The RL 1800 Series Mounting Assembly Kit utilizes several components to provide exceptional performance in tank and hopper weighing applications. Ideally suited for indoor and outdoor process control operations with medium range capacities the RL 1800 Series combines multi-directional movement and self-checking capacities. Standard features include:

  • Capacities (per module): 250-10,000 lb (113.4-4535.9kg)
  • NTEP certified cells in 1000-10,000 lb capacities, except 3000 lb (1360.9kg)
  • Zinc plated mild steel/stainless steel construction
  • Center-pivoted tension loading design
  • Load is suspended on high-strength bolt instead of wire rope, and more.

EZ Mount 1 Series

The EZ Mount 1 Series was created to provide superior performance in a broad range of process control and vessel weighing applications including batching, blending, and bulk inventory management. Each assembly features a temperature compensating and self-checking sliding pin design and is easy to install. Key features include:

  • Capacities per assembly: 5000 lb – 250,000 lb
  • RL70000 NTEP-certified, FM approved load cells in capacities from 5000 lb to 200,000 lb for enhanced performance
  • Unique sliding pin design compensates for thermal expansion/contraction
  • Self-checking in all directions, including lift-off protection, eliminates external hardware
  • Easy load cell removal minimizes maintenance costs

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