Counting Scales

Our inventory features the top leading brands and products of weighing systems to suit a wide variety of applications. One of our most popular range of weighing solutions are our counting scales. Ultra precise and built to serve multiple purposes, counting scales offer numerous benefits to owners. Read on to learn more about the advantage of counting scales, as well as Accurate Scale’s available inventory below.


Different Levels of Accuracy

Counting scales are designed for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to weigh minute items like currency, small objects, or heavier parts, the right kind of scale will be able to provide precise measurements you can depend on.

Cost Effective

Having a reliable method of counting can help expedite your operations and save money by reducing the chance for inaccuracy and/or multiple recounts. Custom calibrated scales can be set to weigh exactly to your specifications, allowing for speedy and dependable results.

Reliable Data Management

Many counting scales feature data management with a multiple export method for your records. This allows a simple and efficient analysis of historical data.

Western Scale Counting Scales

Accurate Scale proudly carries Western Scale products in our inventory. Known for high quality product and dependable precision, Western Scale’s line of counting scales offer comprehensive solutions you can rely on. We currently stock the following models:


The FD-121 features 3 LCD displays, spill channel, auto-calibration, data accumulation, and several other convenient features. Fast and reliable, the FD-121 is the perfect fit for packaging counts or inventory applications. Standard features include:

  • kg/lb options
  • AC adapter & built-in rechargeable battery
  • 3 LCD screens

ACH Counting Scale

The ACH counting scale is quick and precise. Designed for counting and weight small parts, models are available in 3kg, 6kg, or 30kg capacities. ACH models feature accumulation memory and quantity checking with an alarm for added convenience.


The CCT10 Counting Scale features three screens for the simultaneous display of the total weight, unit weight, and quantity of items being weighed. Easily storable, this unit offers convenient retrieval as needed.


The EHC is a simple, cost effective counting scale that serves as as a fantastic introductory model for businesses doing parts and inventory management.

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