Automated Ticketing Systems

Handwriting and recording a large number of tickets is highly inefficient and exposes your operation to the risk of errors. Automated Ticketing Scales can help increase your accuracy and count speed, while also ensuring your numbers are accurate. Learn more below about the benefits of automated ticketing systems, as well as the products carried by Accurate Scale.

Intuitive, Cost-Effective, Dependable

Automated ticketing systems and kiosks are designed to handle high volume traffic with extreme precision. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, ticketing systems increase the efficiency of your operation without disrupting your workflow. With custom models available, data management has never been easier!

Accurate Scale Ticketing Scales

Accurate Scale is a proud supplier of Custom Kiosks , as well as a variety of ticketing products. Our selection includes:

Printer Kiosk

Features offers high quality durability combined with optimal results. With plenty of standard features and a wide variety of options available, this model makes maintaining an accurate count simple. Basic features include:

  • 920i HMI with sun shield
  • Six serial ports
  • 1 MB database memory
  • Two additional expansion slots
  • Side door access to ticket
  • 8 in paper roll (PN 105446)
  • Operator prompting
  • Format able tickets
  • Traffic light control
  • Transmits weight to remote display
  • Direct thermal kiosk printer

Additional options include:

  • Ethernet TCP/IP (wired and WiFi options available)
  • Single or dual channel A/D cards
  • RFID reader
  • Qwerty Keyboard, and more!

Automated Ticketing Options

Accurate Scale carries an assortment of ticketing products and accessories ranging from gates and arms to digital eyes and intercoms. Available features include:

  • Kiosk Safety Swing Gates
  • Stop Lights
  • Barrier Gates
  • Loop Detectors
  • Photo Eyes
  • Intercom AI Phones and more.

If you are looking to reduce operating costs and increase your counting efficiency, automated ticketing scales can help. Contact Accurate Scale to learn more today!