Looking for reliable scale rentals to handle the demands of your annual inventory count ?

As a leading service provider throughout Alberta and Western Canada, Accurate Scale carries a vast inventory of scales and measurement solutions that can be rented for a variety of industries. You can rent Crane Scales, Floor Scales, Counting Scales, Wheel Weigh Pads, Truck Scales and many more.

For those who do not have a daily need for an on-site scale, as well as those looking for a short term cost-effective solution that allows you to try out equipment prior to purchase, rentals can be a fantastic option! Industries that regularly benefit from rental services include:

-Oil and gas





-Fasteners Suppliers / Industrial Suppliers

-And more!

In addition to our wide range of rental options, Accurate Scale offers software services, custom scale solutions, repair and servicing, and custom manufacturing. Read more about our list of services here. For all your weighing solutions, contact our team today!