Whether your business is heavily dependent on scales for daily operations, or relies on weighing equipment on semi-frequent intervals to count inventor and more, ensuring your scales are properly calibrated will help avoid sudden breakdowns and costly mistakes. Learn more about the essentials of scale calibration below.

Why Calibration Matters

Simply put, regular calibration plays an important role in ensuring your equipment is accurate, safe, and in catching any damage before it has the chance to progress. While it can be easy to assume your scales are in working order upon first glance, it’s crucial to remember that, like any equipment, your scales will change over time and require consistent maintenance to stay in peak condition.

How Often Should you Calibrate?

While you should be calibrating all weighing equipment at least once a year, this is more of a minimum. Bear in mind that every scale will have their own manufacturer requirements that should be followed, and equipment that is subject to heavy use should be calibrated several times a year to maintain accuracy.

Certified Recalibration vs In-House Evaluation

While it’s advisable to have a certified technician take a look at your scales on a quarterly or annual basis, you can help keep your scales in good shape between visits by conducting your own routine checks. Keep an eye out for inconsistent results, signs of wear, and other deficiencies to reduce your chances of needing major repairs in the future.

Factory vs. On-site Calibration

One important factor that all business owners should be aware of is that factory calibration (i.e. the default calibration of your scale) is not the same as on-site calibration. Calibrating your equipment on-site will help guarantee the most accurate results for your specific application.

Legal for Trade

Finally, if you’re using your scale for buying and selling purposes, it must be appropriately meet the guidelines dictated by Measurement Canada. You’ll need to work with a technician to have your device certified “Legal for Trade”.

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